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A statement from Withdoll

This is from our latest conversation with their rep:

We apologize for the delay and regret any inconvenience it may have caused.

We are trying for fast shipping, sadly, This is not an easy.

Production of the Elf Hunter Emma is 80%~90% complete. 
And We are waiting for the clothings and wigs. 
If the clothings and wigs are arrived in time, 
The deliveries of the elf hunter Emma and Ruby will complete In a week or two.

Production of the the Macaron Fairies is 100% complete. 
We ordered new package for 16cm, and They will be arrived this week. 
And we are waiting the clothing. They will be arrived soon. 
So, the deliveries of the Macaron Fairies will also complete In a week or two.

We produce head, body and option parts ourselves. 
We are working night and day to finish the orders on time.
But clothing, wig, make-up and painting, these are outsourced. 
We push the companies all the time. They too often say ‘Next week’.
Then we have to say same word, to our customer. 
This process is repeated. It is horrible. 

Our employee works 40 hours a week. 
But two bosses works seven days a week. 
They works 70 hours a week. 
They are casting and assembling part. 

(One of them is my husband. 
I am a photographer. And i am managing a website from this year.
I am not paid for this job for the past few years.
That is unfortunate. But i am proud of my company.)

One of the causes of the delay is that we produce other companies’s dolls. 
We have to do side business beacuse of lower sales of our dolls. 
If our dolls will sell more than now, then many problem will be solved. 

We hope the customer understand that we try our best to keep our company. 
Thank you for being so concerned. 
We try to be better than is possible.


We sincerely ask you to be understanding about shipping times. It’s not always up to Withdoll that some orders get delayed. They are a small company and they are working very hard and doing their best to meet their customers’ expectations.

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Dear Fan of Withdoll,

Limited Quantity Editions will be sold out by the end of October. 
Please order as soon as possible. 
We truly appreciate all the support 
that the fans have given to us over the years.


This announcement is about the following limited edition dolls:
Archangel Dan
Snow Queen Eliza
Fallen Angel Aiden
Fallen Angel Kyle
Witch Maid Emma
Witch Maid Ruby

If you are interested in any of these dolls, get them while you can!


Dear Fan of Withdoll,

Finally, The Werewolf Babies has been released! 
We apologise for the delay and 
Thank you for your patience and waiting.

Werewolf Babies are sold for a limited period of time only.
Sale Period is Oct. 13 to Oct. 31
If the sales of the product exceed our estimates, 
This item could be sold out before the end of the sales period. 

To celebrate the Halloween, We prepared the blowout sale.
You can buy these limited editions for 30% off the original price
(only head and body.) 
This is your last chance to save!

[The Werewolf Babies]

- Time Limited Edition
- Sales Period : Oct. 13 to Oct. 31
- 30% Off Blowout Sale (Only head and body)

Also, The Halloween event has been extended.
This event ends by the end of this month. 

[The Halloween Event]

- Event Period : Until Oct. 31
- 15% Off (Only for head and body)
- Sale of special skin (Grey, Brown tan UV, Rosy brown UV, Sweet green)
- Limited Quantity Edition is sell regardless of remaining quantity. 

Please give us your interest and support. 
Thank you. 


Sales pages:
Werewolf Babies Raul, Werewolf Babies Coco & Werewolf Babies Stacy

Raul is a completely new sculpt
Coco is the same sculpt as Ice Cream Children Chocolate
Stacy is the same sculpt as Ice Cream Children Strawberry


Mi Cha - Withdoll Cathy, photographer/owner: mizya | Colourless

So now you are reblogging owner photos? I will quote DoA here: or you comment on each of them, or in none. Rude. I know, I know, it is "your blog" and so on, of course you have the right, but I will suppose you have manners, too.

Well, there is nothing new about us reblogging owner photos, as we have been doing that since we started this blog. ^^; This is mainly an information + news blog, but it’s also for showcasing owner photos.

By "you comment on each of them or in none" do you mean that if we’re not going to reblog all of the Withdoll photos that are posted on tumblr, we should not reblog any? If so, I’m sorry that our way of running this blog upsets you, but unfortunately neither of us has the kind of time to be browsing tumblr daily looking for photos (as we have our studies and jobs). Now, if we occasionally happen to come across photos of Withdoll dolls that are posted by their respective owners and we feel that we’d like to reblog those photos… well, we will reblog them.

We’re not trying to be rude. We just have a blog and we run it to the best of our abilities with the time that we have available, simple as that.

Our Withdoll group on flickr is naturally more active in regard to owner photos, as everyone can add their photos there directly.

Dear Fan of Withdoll

Before the halloween, we prepared the event.
Event period is until October 10th.
This event is for Basic Edition and Limited Quantity Edition.

15% discount off (Only for head and body)
Sale of special skin (Grey, Brown tan UV, Rosy brown UV,Sweet green)
Limited Quantity Edition is sell regardless of remaining quantity.

Elf Hunter Ash is excluded from the discount sale.
Sale period is extended until October 10th.
We are still offering a pair of sandals and feet parts for the sandals.

Sweet green skin is available when ordering.

If you already order Ash and want to change skin color, Please contact us.

We will release the Halloween dolls soon.
They are Werewolf babies.
Please give us your interest and support.



Min Ki & Mi Cha - Withdoll Taren & Cathy, owners: Yenna | Dimensions & mizya | Colourless


The ordering period for Withdoll Elf Hunter Ash ends on Saturday the 27th of September at midnight, Korean time! Be quick if you want him~ :) You can get the sandals that he’s wearing as a gift during this order period!

His sales page can be found here.

Withdoll layaway program


Withdoll LE Elf Hunter Ash & Ruby

They make a cute couple, right? ♥ The ordering period for Ash ends on the 27th of September! So if you want him, there’s still time~ ^^His sales page can be found here.Withdoll layaway program

Withdoll LE Elf Hunter Ash & Ruby

They make a cute couple, right? ♥ 

The ordering period for Ash ends on the 27th of September! So if you want him, there’s still time~ ^^

His sales page can be found here.

Withdoll layaway program