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Photos of the elves with long hair.

Sales pages: Ruby & Emma 

A reminder that the ordering period for these two beautiful elves ends on Monday the 21st of July

Sales pages: Emma & Ruby

Withdoll layaway program

Some comparison lineups of Withdoll girl and boy with some other 41~47cm range dolls from various companies.

Please view Yenna’s flickr album for side and back views and further comparisons: here

Min Ki & Mi Cha - Withdoll Taren & Cathy, owners: Yenna | Dimensions & mizya | Colourless


Withdoll Cathy (white) vs Withdoll Aiden (cream white)

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Since we have a reference post for the girls’ shoes, I thought we could use one for boys as well. ^^ Not that there are many shoes available for boys yet, but… anyway. xD;

Here we have a comparison of the shoes that you can purchase with Fallen Angel Aiden or Kyle and the new loafers that were introduced with the basic “twins” edition of Nei and Mai. The FA shoes are made of black resin (you can see them unpainted in this post), painted with black paint and coated with transparent resin. The loafers are brown resin, no paint or coating.

I was delighted to notice that the loafer shoes are a completely new design: in comparison to the FA shoes, they are shorter in lenght and wider in width. The FA shoes also have a higher and narrower heel than the loafers.


Dear Fan of Withdoll,

We released the Elf Hunter Emma and Ruby.
The girls are beautiful, strong and dangerous.
They are an expert archer who hits their target every time.
So, Watch out they will shot your heart! ;^)

This elves are sold for a limited period of time only.
We’re offering a jewel eyes made by Oscar Doll instead of basic acrylic eyes.
Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

Sales Period : From July 5 to July 21

Many thanks,

Sales pages: Emma & Ruby

Withdoll’s current status

We asked Withdoll about a possible summer event and their current production rate. Here is what they replied:

- it looks like Withdoll won’t have a summer event this year due to bad exchange rate as well as domestical shipping problems (basically it means that the services/items that are outsourced, such as face ups and clothes, are delayed due to shipping problems within Korea)

- shipping of dolls is being delayed due to difficulties in casting Brown Tan and Rosy Brown resin (now it’s also summer and humid, so that makes casting more difficult in general)

- they received a high volume of orders of the Ice Cream Children 16cm tinys, so they are very busy with their production

Those of you who are planning to order from Withdoll: we advice you to prepare, as there might be delay in casting the dolls and completing & shipping out your order. But please understand that they are doing their best to make sure that their customers receive quality products.

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Elf Hunter Ruby and Elf Hunter Emma will be released soon!